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Ultra Moisture Body Oil

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Cuticle Oils

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The Healing Magic of Cuticle Balms

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Before & After

before - zero cuticle oil for 3 days

after - a week usage of cuticle oil


I have super sensitive skin, to the point most brands you find from any retail store make me have reactions too. Between the weather changes and my job change my skin was super dry and itchy. This butter lotion has completely changed that for me. I don't break out, I don't get any form of reaction! It truly has made my skin feel and look so much better. The scents are absolutely amazing! I get headaches super easy and with any lotion I normally get one. Even just smelling them in a store. I don't get one at ALL. It's truly heaven in bottle!


Scales of a Mermaid cuticle oils are one of my all time favorite products! They absorb so quickly and leave my skin looking healthier and hydrated almost instantly. The sparkly labels and cute graphics make them so fun, while the wide variety of scents makes them perfect for every season and mood! I keep them all over my house so one (or a few) is always within reach!


I’ll take ALL the Body Oil!!!!!!! Not one bit greasy, absorbs right up leaving your skin feeling rejuvenated and so soft 🤍
🍂Fallin for You was the perfect universal scent for both hubby and I both 🫶🏼

Meet me by the fire is my favorite scent and the dropper oil was my first ever purchase. Using SOAM cuticle oil/balm has drastically improved the dry, cracked skin I typically experience around my nails during the winter.


While it is hard to pick one product, I am really obsessed with the oils. The scents are never overbearing, and I love the way it just soaks right up in your skin, leaving it look hydrated and healthy. If your cuticles are red and irritated, it helps them tremendously. If you have cuts, it heals them in a matter of days. I am obsessed!


Over the years I have tried many different brands of body oil lotions but nothing that’s even comparable to these body oils! My skin DRINKS this oil up without leaving an oily finish. It fully absorbs into the skin and doesn’t just sit on the skin. I usually have pretty severe dry areas/eczema flare ups especially during the winter months with the colder dry weather, but I see such an improvement with my overall skin health and texture when I use the body oil regularly morning & nighttime. I love the option of adding in a shimmer and using them in the summertime for that extra sparkle! I don’t think I will ever enjoy another body oil as much as I love this one, I seriously don’t think I could live without it at this point and not to mention the extra boost of confidence for your day just knowing you smell incredible!


In 2021, I discovered the Scales of a Mermaid cuticle oils and was instantly captivated by their rapid absorption, leaving my cuticles looking and feeling great. The diverse range of enticing scents only adds to their appeal. Despite being hard on my hands, I consistently trust SOAM cuticle oil to maintain the health and beauty of my cuticles.


I’m so glad that I found this company and I can’t say enough good things about Scales of a Mermaid! Not only do they have excellent customer service but their products are top notch! My holy grail product from this company is the sugar soap scrubs! The scrubs are the TLC my hands need after working in the hospital and foaming/washing my hands all week! They have just the right amount of grit and my hands always feel amazingly soft afterwards! I usually follow the soap scrubs with cuticle oil and the body oil to make my hands extra soft and nourished!


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