Get to Know Scales of a Mermaid

It is our mission to provide awareness towards nail care & skin care.
At Scales of a Mermaid our number one priority is providing products for those with
the most sensitive skins. Choosing ingredients which replenish, hydrate, soothe & heal the skin.
We strive to create products for those who may have limitations on ingredients they may use due to allergies all while educating the real benefits of the products. 
We strive to always put our customers first, providing products that feel luxurious, with simple ingredients, while remaining affordable. 

Back in 2019 I, the owner, had been diagnosed with Celiac Disease, an auto-immune disease.

When people with celiac disease eat gluten, their body starts an immune response that attacks the small intestine. It can lead to other various symptoms, for example being, rashes on the skin.

Throughout many months I became restless, reaction after reaction and not one nail care company worked for me. If anything causing me more pain from the reaction that my body was creating. That's when Scales of a Mermaid was born in October of 2020. With our first product being cuticle oils. Hours upon hours of research was put into my brand, & personally testing on myself, making sure all reactions were non-existent. We’ve had multiple customers reach out after having eczema flares, gel allergy reactions & psoriasis mentioning how much it calmed & healed the skin.

-We strive to always put our customers first. Having that strong community with our customers is one of our biggest priorities.

-We want to provide luxurious feeling skincare, with healing properties that still have an affordable price point.

-We always want to provide some education as to why many of our core ingredients are super beneficial, to show that research has been done. 

-Be recognized for how much our products truly do help & work for skin!

-Honesty & trust between our customers is a bond we aim to have. Transparency is super important for that.