Body Oils - " I Don't Need Them"

So you say you don't need body oils?
Give me the chance to convince you that you SHOULD use them.
Our bodies deserve the same amount of respect as our face does, especially when it comes to skincare.
We get it body oils can feel heavy & too much, but that's because you haven't found the right blend that works for you.

We take full pride in our ingredient blend, with full confidence that our oils don't just sit on top of the skin. You feel instantly that your skin absorbs it & fully hydrates your skin deeply.
Here are some amazing benefits that come along with using our ultra moisture body oils:
  • Soothing & healing of dried cracked skin; During drastic weather changes our skin tends to freak out, especially during the winter. With lack of moisture in the air using body oils help replenish that, soothing that dull skin.
  • Leaves glowing skin; with regular usage overtime one will see their inner glow come through their skin. The ingredients in the ultra moisture body oil will help with skin texture & the elasticity in it. 
  • Overall health; When massaging our bodies with body oils we are promoting healthy blood circulation, reducing muscle pain even in rare occasions joint pain. Providing yourself this kind of self care helps reduce anxiety and stress. 
  • Seals in moisture;  when applying directly after a shower, adding a few drops of body oil helps tremendously in locking in that soft moisturized skin.
  • Immediate results; the enriched product can provide quick glowing results, & with longer usage your skin will thank you. 
  • Great on sensitive skin; the ingredient list that has been created for our shop ensures those with the most sensitive skin can easily enjoy it at any time.


Body Oils are SO UNIVERSAL

you can use body oils in these situations

  1. Shaving - When using body oil in your shaving routine you're allowing a smooth surface, preventing any boo-boos of happening. 
  2. Applying it before your shower - We all love a nice steamy shower, but when water is too warm during that time we can lose some moisture. So applying some before your shower helps minimize that moisture loss.
  3. Adding it to your baths - Not only are you already relaxing but the properties of body oils help you enter into a deeper form of relaxation. Reducing stress and anxiety. 
  4. Applying it before bed - Because of the types of oils added to our product, it can help improve sleep quality. 
  5. Before going out - Our person favorite when we want to feel our best and glowy we always apply before going out, our scented products leave a long lasted scent that will have you smelling great for hours. On top of that because of the deep moisturizing properties, you will not have to worry about applying until the next day!

Our bodies deserve some TLC just like anything else on our body.


You may think you don't need body oils.

We can promise you that once you start, you can't stop. Giving your skin the perfect opportunity to be at its best!