The Healing Magic of Cuticle Balms

Would you believe me if we told you that our cuticle balms have magic in them? That they can aid and even heal cuts, scarring, eczema, and even pesky dry skin!
Let us just talk about all the amazing benefits to our cuticle balms.
Shea Butter
Shea butter is known for its emollient properties. It helps soften and smooth out any dry skin. It's known to have substances in its make up that reduces swelling of the skin. There is a high percentage of vitamin A in it, helping boost healing. The moisturizers in shea butter are produced by similar sebaceous glands in our skin. Since shea butter is high in fatty acids, it provides lubrication and a barrier for our skin, big plus for those colder months.
Candelilla Wax
Although this ingredient is mainly used for holding the balm structure, did you know we specifically picked this wax for it's many skin benefits? 
It's known for being a skin conditioner. The wax helps lock in all the moisture your providing for your skin, but as you wear the balm longer the wax helps penetrate all the other ingredients deeper into the skin. There is also a huge benefit of providing a natural source of antioxidants.
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
It helps prevent premature signs of aging on the skin.
It contains anti-inflammatory properties that can help reduce redness and inflammation. It can help strengthen our skin where it might be thinner, & fragile. Our skin is naturally elastic, extra virgin olive oil helps aid in that natural elasticity. 
Coconut Oil
This oil is big on its anti-bacterial properties. It contains "medium-chain fatty acids", this has antimicrobial benefits of killing harsh bacteria on the skin. The additions of the antioxidants, which is high in vitamin E, it can help protect the skin from any sort of damage done by free radicals. Adding on to that it can smooth and reduce the looks of wrinkles on the skin. 
Grapeseed Oil
SUPER lightweight and easily absorbed. Rich in antioxidants, which are vitamin E & fatty acids. It can assist in balancing oil production, minimizing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Providing a glow from within.
Sunflower Oil
It can remove surrounding dead skin, calming, and protecting. There is aid in reducing trans-epidermal water loss. Overall making the skin smoother and softer.
Vitamin E Oil
Vitamin E is AMAZING for all around the skin help.
Out biggest reason to add it is to provide aid in skin inflammation. Vitamin E can be super healing & super soothing to the skin overtime. It helps smooth out dry flaky skin. It has been studied that it helps protection against sun UV rays.
NO. 1 - Testimonial written by our customer Katie R.
I recently made my first purchase. I saw a post in another group asking for cuticle oil recommendations and there were a bunch of comments recommending this brand. One even said it helped heal their fingers after a gel allergy.
I was skeptical but decided to give it a try..
You guys made a believer out of me! These pictures are only 3 days apart. I had been applying medicated ointment & cuticle oil for 2 weeks before taking the pictures on the left. The pictures on the right are after only 3 days of using scales cuticle balm. 🤯
They are already so much better and no longer painful! I am amazed and will definitely be ordering more. ❤️
NO. 2 - Testimonial written by Sally B.
Thank you for helping my cuticles recover after a week in the hospital with my daughter 🫣❤️
This is after three days of applying cuticle balm 4 times each day.
NO. 3 - Photos of our owner Patrycja K.
Here is a side by side comparison showing how much our cuticle balm has healed my terrible (my own fault) scar that I had a year ago. Accidentally touching the tip of a heat gun when making wax melts.
We 100% believe our cuticle balm works. Providing relief, hydration & healing properties. Convinced? Hop on over to try it out yourself, click the links below: