By checking off the box "I agree to the terms and conditions" at check out
you are agreeing to the following:
  • You read all ingredients before in the description of the product information and made sure there were no ingredients listed that you are allergic to.
  • You will read ALL warning labels that come on the products OR separate cards that are placed in your order bag before using any products coming from our shop.

  • You understand that if route packaging insurance is not checked off during checkout your order will not be resent or replaced (listed below are some examples of issues):
  1. Items in your order are damaged / broken upon arrival to its destination
  2. Address was incorrectly inputted when checking out & the order was delivered to the wrong address.
  3. Package ends up lost during transit 
  4. If the post office marks "delivered" & it is not

You as a customer understand that once it leaves our hands/office and is placed in the post office, there is only so much we can do. We will be here to help provide the information needed. But if Route Insurance is not selected on the order the chances of products being resent are slim.

We ask that you provide PROOF whether it's photo evidence, or video of the issue at hand.


Thank you for reading and understanding. We hope you enjoy your order!


Refund & Returns Policy

- Due to the kind of product that it is, there are no returns or exchanges at this time. If you happen to have any concerns about your order or product, please feel free to contact us. Thank you for understanding.

- We offer Route Packaging Insurance at checkout to ensure your page gets delivered safely, and if it doesn't there will be no issues in resending your order. If shipping insurance isn't chosen refunds & resends of order will not be granted for those lost in transit unless Route Shipping Insurance has been purchased at check out. Please check out our terms and conditions page for a full breakdown of that

Shipping Policy

- Please allow up to a week for order to be shipped. 

- We're currently shipping internationally. (please note the shipping price will depend on the distance and the weight of the order placed)

- To keep up with our shipping times (especially around new release dates please follow our instagram or join our facebook group)

* ˚ ✦ Are your products Vegan?✦ ˚ *


Keeping our products vegan is one of our no. 1 priorities!

* ˚ ✦ Are your products gluten free?✦ ˚ *


Keeping our products gluten free is our biggest priortity.

We fact check and research all of our suppliers to ensure all of out products are gluten free & free from cross contamination!

Fun fact - our owner has celiac disease!

* ˚ ✦ Do you take bulk orders? ✦ ˚ *

Not many people know this.

But yes we do! 

Want us part of your special day? Bachelorette, wedding, baby shower, bridal shower? We got you covered!

We are happy to create custom scents, & labels for your special day!

We also allow our mainline scents to be used for your bulk order.

You're a business owner wanting to include cuticle oils in your shop but don't wanna make them? We got you there too!

* we ask for any bulk orders to contact us via email ( mermaid.scales.nailss@gmail.com ) 2 months prior to your event. The sooner you know the better. We want to plan everything accordingly & be able to have time to order ALL supplies for the products.