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Scales of a Mermaid

Wax Melts

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Wax Melts
Perfect for scenting your home depending on the mood you're in. 
All natural, non-toxic soy wax melts, mixed in with natural dyes, non-toxic fragrance oils & essential oils. 
These wax melts are pet friendly. 
One whole clamshell can last a person anywhere between 50-80 hours.
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  • Place your wax of choice into the well of the burner and carefully light your preferred type of wax melter.
  • To remove the melted wax, you can use one of two ways - Shut off wax melter and let wax cool and harden and pop out of the well of the burner OR grab minimum two cotton balls for a mess free clean up with hot wax. Place the cotton balls in the wax burner well, let the wax absorb into the cotton balls, and discard the cotton balls carefully into the trash can.


Keep out of reach of children and pets at all times!

Only use in a tea-light warmer or UL listed electric warmer approved for wax melts.

Read and follow all instructions provided with your warmer before usage.

Do NOT leave melter unattended while in use. 

Do NOT add water

Do NOT melt on a stove top or non-approved appliances.

Discontinue use if dish contains less than 1/2'' of wax.

Wax Melts